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Established 2007 by Josef and Ilya Shapira J Group Global passed through many transformations. From construction projects via landscaping of over 10000 hectares and agriculture turn-key solutions of over 5000 hectares of irrigation and greenhouses.

One thing never changed  - quality. Quality is basic for future gains.

Today J Group Global holds several companies around the world.

Isragreen - Georgian company for agriculture and environment projects.

YourForest - Environmental Consultancy company

Emnotion - Climate intelligence company with own AI and BD solutions for monitoring and forecasting climate. 

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Field Surveys

We use state of the art solutions to make field tell us a true story.

Environmental Evaluation

Using outstanding Emnotion's solutions we able to catch even minor changes in your environment long before you feel the influence of them.
This enables us to alert on risks and to minimize your expenses.

Enviornmental Research

We collaborate with Israeli leaders from academic and industry in order to supply best answers for you business.

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Haim Bar Lev 13 Nes Ziona, Israel


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